Security and Simplicity

Shadow Disk Backup has exclusive security features found only in our fully automated software

Constantly Lab Tested

Shadow Disk Backup is tested against ransomware and Viruses on a weekly basis for your utmost security

Creative Solution

Shadow Disk Backup uses Stealth to render your backups invisible! "You Can't Hit What You Can't See"

Lightning Fast Recovery

Our bootable complete system recovery is typically less than 2 hours!

Backup Security

Security by Stealth

Shadow Disk utilizes a new approach on security against ransomware and viruses by rendering your backups invisible to the digital frontier. This approach tricks malicious software to think that your backup file "Simply doesn't exist".

With the inability to see a backup file, any program attempting to encrypt or delete your files won't affect your backups, which is critical to your successful recovery from a malicious software attack. Don't stress about ransomware or viruses, have confidence with Shadow Disk Backup!

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Backup Support

Simplicity Through Support

We want to ensure that every client has the best experience possible when using Shadow Disk Backup. Our technical service includes professional installation, Program Optimization, and Backup Assurance. There are various levels of support to meet your needs!

As a service based company, we dont believe in charging for our software itself. Instead, we ask our clients to only pay for the support plan they are using. This approach ensures that our plans are as economical as possible to better suit your needs!

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One-Click Support

Click "Professional Install" during the installation proccess, and a technician will set up and optimize your program immediately!

Rest Easy

Once set up, our technical team will be notified of all missed or failed backups, and will notify you immediately and offer to correct any issues.

Keep Your Backups Offline

No Need to send your backups to the cloud when you can back up locally in your own home or office!

Keep Malicious Software Guessing

Our concept is simple: "You Can't Hit What You Can't See", meaning that malicious software doesnt even know your backup exists!

Lightning Fast Recovery

"Bounce Back" from a attack within 2 hours (typical), with 100% file integrity and 100% threat removal. It's like nothing ever happened!

Information Is Power

We strive to provide out clients with the most relevant and up to date information about malicious threats.

Remain Protected

We test our program weekly against new ransomware and virus types, ensuring that our program is always ahead of threats.

Easiest Support Possible

Technical Support is only one click away. Let us take care of any issues, and notify you when completed!

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